Label Production for a Changing Consumer Market

November 14, 2018

Across the globe, today’s consumers are reshaping the marketing paradigm for label production.

These consumers expect—and often receive—a marketing experience tailored to their specific interests and needs. As a result, marketers strive to provide consumers with a consistent, relevant brand experience across their entire marketing mix, from online interactions all the way to the label that represents the product on the shelf.

This change in consumer expectations is creating a huge shift in the business model of label converters. Instead of large volumes of monolithic labels, converters are being asked to produce smaller runs of customized labels that create a connection with the consumer.

Moreover, the converter must be able to respond to the “instant response” culture and quickly change or adapt labels to meet customer demands.

A Single Inline Digital Workflow

The NS LION from New Solution is an end-to-end printing solution designed to meet the demands of the modern label industry. It enables converters to easily incorporate digital printing technology and produce small volumes of high-quality, customized labels for a fraction of the capital cost of digital or flexo alternatives.

“Using the NS LION lets label providers keep up with the marketer’s demands,” says Manuel Martinez, product developer at New Solution. “That’s because all of the time-consuming setup work involved in flexo printing has been compressed into a fast, easy workflow that requires virtually no setup time. The inline capabilities of the NS LION mean less setup, fewer steps, and a faster production of customized labels.”

The NS LION combines an affordable price with ease of installation and cost-effective use of media. This means label converters can profitably produce high-quality short runs of 100 to 50,000 labels.

The coating feature of the NS LION lets converters leverage their less expensive flexo label stock and apply the right coating inline with no additional steps.

By utilizing Memjet printhead technology, the NS LION produces a 1600 x 1600 dpi output that equals the quality of offset at a fraction of the cost.

Learn More at Upcoming Webinar

While it is clear that labels with customized graphics and messaging play a key role in the marketing mix, many converters still lack the understanding and ability to produce quality digital labels quickly and profitably.

At our upcoming webinar, attendees will learn how the flexible, integrated solutions of the NS LION let converters meet those market demands and produce high-quality labels in a fast, affordable, and integrated way.

To register, click here.

Here are the details of the webinar:

Date and Time: Wednesday, November 14 at 10:00 a.m. EST (GMT-4)


Manuel Martinez,

General Manager, Industrial Solutions, New Solution

Kim Beswick,

General Manager, Desktop and Mini Press Systems, Memjet

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