Meeting the Demands of an Evolving Packaging Market

December 8, 2020

New research shines a light on the current state of the packaging market – and the types of resources providers need to capture opportunities in this evolving market.nnData from Smithers’ The Future of Package Printing to 2025 study shows the packaging market will reach a projected global value of $431.6 billion in 2020. While this number reflects a slowing of growth due to the pandemic, it also demonstrates the market’s resilience. While markets like publications, advertising, and other graphic printing have had significant drops in demand, the need for packaging and labeling remains strong due in part to consumer’s stockpiling and increased purchases through eCommerce channels. View white papernnSmithers says that by value, corrugated is the largest packaging type, followed by cartons and flexible packaging. Corrugated packaging with high-quality graphics is expanding its use in primary packaging and shelf-ready secondary packaging, and specifically in 2020, in e-commerce sales. The increasing use in customer-facing applications demands higher print quality and the ability for customization. The report notes that a new generation of high-productivity single-pass inkjet presses meets these new demands in packaging and helps users succeed during the pandemic – and beyond.n

Memjet Creates the New Inkjet Opportunity

Recent developments in inkjet innovation like Memjet’s DuraLink® and DuraFlex® technologies create a new breed of printing solutions for the label, corrugated, folding carton, and flexible packaging markets. Memjet technologies come in modules designed to provide OEMs with much greater flexibility and creativity to build a range of different solutions – from simple yet powerful entry-level inkjet presses to high-end production equipment. These solutions have the speed and affordability that providers need right now. They have raised the bar for beautiful, high-quality output that packaging providers demand, producing sharp images, smooth gradations, and an expanded color gamut with resolutions up 1600 x 1600 dots per inch (dpi). Memjet’s newest technologies use aqueous-based pigment inks. These inks are ideal for packaging applications because they can achieve offset-quality output on a wide range of coated and uncoated substrates while being resistant to light and moisture. Memjet’s water-based inks are safer to use than other inks, making them an excellent choice for food and beverage packaging.

Is It Your Time for Inkjet?

Working with NAPCO media, Memjet also researched this evolving market. The results of this research echo the Smithers research: Over 50 per cent of respondents printed folding cartons, labels, flexible packaging, corrugated packaging (and displays), and tags on inkjet devices. The experiences of these providers can help guide your transformation to inkjet-powered packaging printing.

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