Memjet Highlights New Business Opportunities at the INg Annual Forum

March 14, 2017

This week, Memjet will be on the road, speaking at the 2017 INg Annual Forum in Tucson, Arizona.

Sponsored by the Imaging Network Group, The Annual Forum brings together members and vendor partners in the transactional and direct mail industry for interactive discussions on the key business and technical issues facing their companies.

At the event, Gail Partain, vice president of business development at Memjet, will give a presentation on the new opportunities digital inkjet solutions can open up for print service providers who want to remain competitive.

Gail will highlight the results Laser Print Plus (LPP), a transactional shop serving a variety of vertical markets, achieved using the Memjet-powered Super Web WEBJet™ 200D commercial press.

LLP operates in two locations: Columbia, South Carolina, and Thomasville, North Carolina. From these locations, LPP services a variety of vertical markets, producing over seventy jobs per day.

In recent years, LPP used a range of toner-based devices to print the preprinted shells and forms used in each job. Managing these preprinted documents was time-consuming and cumbersome. Once the shells and forms were printed, they needed to be inventoried and managed.


LLP wanted to improve the way they produced these materials and enhance the services they provide their customers. To do that, it needed a solution that could improve its operations and create new business opportunities.

As Tim Delaney of LLP describes, “We had a lot of demands that we needed to meet in order to select the right device. We were evaluating the cost and speed of the machine as well as the quality. Flexibility was also important to us, so we were also looking at the inline capabilities the device could offer, including perfing and offset stacking.”

To meet these requirements, LPP adopted the Super Web WEBJet 200D commercial press powered by Memjet.

The Super Web WEBJet 200D is a digital inkjet solution that includes a range of inline finishing equipment. The affordability of this press and its creativity, flexibility, and high level of print quality gave LPP the solution it needed to move away from preprinted shells and produce the entire document on demand, in full color.

The Super Web WEBJet 200D improves the way jobs flow through LPP. The company can now turn jobs around in one-tenth of the time it would take on a single cut-sheet printer. As a result, LPP is able to get its jobs out the door quickly, improving customer satisfaction and opening up capacity of LPP.

LPP also reports that the quality of the Super Web WEBJet 200D is second to none. “We looked at five of the big inkjet providers out there. We sent them all sample files that they all printed and sent back. When we evaluated the print quality, we determined that the Super Web WEBJet 200D, powered by Memjet, had the best print quality of anybody we looked at. Nobody could touch the 1600 x 1375 dpi print quality that the Super Web has,” concludes Delaney.

To learn how your business can achieve results like this, visit the Memjet website.

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