Memjet Sponsors Webinar on the Value of Inkjet in Omnichannel Marketing

May 10, 2017

To be successful today, commercial printers need to balance a combination of business objectives: expanding the range of services they offer and delivering those services efficiently. Digital inkjet is ensuring that more and more commercial printers can achieve these goals.


During this interactive webinar, “Production Inkjet’s Role in Omnichannel Personalized Communications,” attendees will hear the real-world experience of Flex, a leading marketing service provider in the southeastern United States. Alan Thompson, co-owner of Flex, will discuss the company’s journey from being a mail house to becoming a marketing service provider, producing a range of materials and digital marketing services that create maximum brand impact and revenue for its clients.

The webinar will also feature industry-leading panelists, including Jim Hamilton of Keypoint Intelligence InfoTrends Production Group, and Mark Michelson, editor-in-chief of Printing Impressions.

Attendees will come away with a new understanding of the following:

-How to integrate production inkjet with an omnichannel marketing strategy

-How to benchmark inkjet printing against toner and offset printing

-How to sell the value of inkjet through substrate selection

-How to capture more business opportunities by transitioning the conversation from offset to the value and quality of inkjet

-How to streamline your workflow with an efficient operational process to print full-color images, increase profits, and market your business differently

The webinar will be held soon:

Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Time: 2:00 p.m., EST; 11:00 a.m., PST

Duration and Cost: Sixty minutes, with no cost to attend

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