New Paradigm in Mailing Powered by Memjet

October 27, 2020

In the past, customized envelope printing was a time-consuming and expensive process, requiring the printer to order and inventory different types of preprinted envelopes. Customization was limited to the inventory of preprinted envelopes. If any changes needed to be made — a likely event — the printer would need to reorder preprinted envelopes and discard the unused envelopes.

Today, marketers demand highly personalized printed direct mail that can cut through the noise and capture the attention of a distracted consumer. These customers are requiring more and more envelopes with variable data, and they don’t want to deal with monitoring and stocking envelopes.

The new Powered by Memjet OPHRYS IRICOLOR inline envelope overprinter by Varioprinting changes that paradigm – giving users the flexibility to make personalized envelope printing part of the production process by integrating it with their inserter lines.

“I believe we are providing a key tool for the mailing industry to completely replace analog technology with inkjet technology and gain numerous efficiencies,” says Zoltán Szabó, CEO of Varioprinting Kft.

The user loads blank envelopes into the inserter which stuffs and seals the blank envelopes. The OPHRYS IRICOLOR overprinter’s vision system reads a code in the envelope window. Based on that code, a personalized design and/or graphics are printed directly on the stuffed and sealed envelope. Once printed, the vision system checks the printout and applies production tracking.nnEPDB Zrt., a subsidiary of the Hungarian Post and largest mailing company in Central Europe, recently installed five Ophrys Iricolor overprinters. Hear more about the device and how 100% inkjet envelope production is saving them time and money.


From Idea to Market

“We came up with the initial idea to develop a solution for the inserter lines to overprint envelopes after the envelopes were already stuffed and sealed, but have been waiting for the digital print technology to match the speed of the inserter machines going at least 150 meters per minute,” says Szabó. “When Memjet announced its DuraLink® technology, we were one of the first OEMs to jump on board not only because it was developed to run at up to 203 meters per minute and could keep pace with the fastest inserter lines on the market, but also for its ability to produce full-color, high-resolution graphics with the durability required to meet today’s direct mail trends. Memjet’s modular design made it very easy to integrate the whole system together.”

Moving the Market Forward

Meeting today’s market needs requires OEMs, like Varioprinting, to take an innovative approach. Memjet’s DuraLink technology was developed to meet the needs of printers in high-volume print markets. The technology features a new long-life printhead as well as aqueous-based, durable pigment inks and a range of versatile modules. Together, these features enable fast and cost-effective development of solutions for commercial, packaging and industrial printing solutions.

Memjet’s modular approach and engineering support speeds up the development time for our OEM partners so they can get their printing solutions to market faster and more affordably.

Hear more about Szabó’s story from this “Young Guns in Print” session recently recorded at the FuturePrint Virtual Summit.

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