Memjet Announces Just-In-Time Capability for DuraFlex

March 7, 2024

DuraFlex digital inkjet printing technology by Memjet.

Memjet is pleased to announce the addition of the new DuraFlex Just-In-Time print stream synchronization capability to our DuraFlex print engine line.

DuraFlex is our powerful, low-cost, compact single-pass print solution that delivers outstanding full color A3 prints at up to 46 m/min. It is available in 13” and 25” print width configurations, for simplex or duplex operation with web-fed and sheet-fed devices.  The new Just-In-Time capability allows OEMs developing synchronized variable data and personalization applications to integrate DuraFlex more easily with other workflows across their operations.  The Memjet software update to enable this feature is currently available for OEM development.

A new Read-And-Print solution for the Kirk-Rudy FireJet4c has been developed by Kirk-Rudy and The Solutions Group for applications such as synchronized direct-mail-inserts, utilizing the new DuraFlex Just-In-Time capability. “The Kirk-Rudy team is thrilled to announce that Read-And-Print for DuraFlex is ready for beta testing,” said Kirk-Rudy CEO Caroline Kirk. “We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that truly move the needle for our customers, and this is one of them. We are thrilled to unlock new potential that will empower users to operate the system with more integrity and reliability than ever before.”

Sam Patel, the President of Arrow Systems Inc. commented that “for the last 4 years we have developed the Duraflex line of technology from Memjet enabled with variable-data printing. This latest update will allow this technology to be even more productive for our customers in the labeling and flexible packaging industry. The ability to run custom serial numbers and barcodes, and also to now change them on the fly is a game changer.”

DuraFlex innovation continues to bring remarkable efficiency gains across markets and enable new opportunities for growth. Mike Natalizia, CTO of AstroNova Inc. said that “its high-speed capabilities combined with exceptional print quality make it a standout choice for our customers seeking cutting-edge solutions. TrojanLabel T2-Pro, our next-generation inkjet label press, is in final beta testing now, and our customers are looking forward to the commercial launch. It is going to be a great addition to any pressroom with its 13” wide full-color printing, and variable data capabilities enabled by its data pipeline.”

Memjet continues to support the DuraFlex platform, and this support will remain for years to come in the marketplace including sustained delivery of printheads and ink for the platform.

Memjet’s plans include ongoing portfolio and technology enhancements to support OEMs and assist them in capitalizing on evolving market opportunities and capturing new growth.

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