Memjet Partner Xante Showcases Creative Unboxing Experience at FESPA Global Print Expo

November 10, 2023

SAN DIEGO — April 26, 2018 — Memjet (, a leading developer of inkjet printing technology, today announced that its OEM partner Xante will be exhibiting in the Digital Corrugated Experience during FESPA 2018 Global Print Expo. At the event, Xante will be highlighting its notlikeyou case study. This customer story describes how a customizable shoe business acquired the Xante Excelagraphix 4800 to produce packaging that supports a positive “unboxing” experience that enhances the customer relationship and advances the company’s message. Details on this case study and demonstrations of the capabilities of the Excelagraphix 4800 will be available at Xante’s stand, number 5.2-C20.

“Packaging is now part of the marketing mix, playing a critical role in how products and brands are perceived in the marketplace,” says Kevin Shimamoto, chief marketing officer at Memjet. “For notlikeyou, a company founded on creativity and connection, a plain brown box will not suffice. For this innovative company to succeed, each customer needs to receive a box as customized and creative as the product it holds.”

Customized Packaging for a Customized Product

Dusseldorf, Germany:  notlikeyou is an e-commerce platform that lets users customize their own pair of shoes from leading brands like Timberland and Converse Chuck Taylors. The company targets end-user customers and also works with B2B customers and companies in the promotional industry.

At the notlikeyou portal, users can customize shoes using their own images or text or can select from a wide variety of templates. The end result is a pair of shoes created specifically by and for the user.

“Customers like our product because they get to create it,” says Thorsten Göttsche, leader of business development and procurement for notlikeyou. “Whether you keep these shoes for yourself or present them as a gift, the experience is very personal, very emotional. And that’s what people like today — being able to express themselves in a nontraditional way.”

The notlikeyou team wanted to maintain that emotional connection throughout the buyer’s process — from shoe creation all the way to the unboxing experience. That meant they needed packaging with the same level of color, customization and excitement as the shoes in the box.

To create a dynamic packaging experience, the company adopted the Xante Excelagraphix 4800.

notlikeyou reports that one of the biggest selling points of the Excelagraphix 4800 was its ease of use. After only a couple of hours of training, the printer was up and running. The small footprint of the machine, combined with Xante’s IQ workflow software, meant the printer could be easily integrated into the company’s operation and process.

A focus on quality also drew notlikeyou to the Excelagraphix 4800. The printer produces the level of quality needed to represent notlikeyou’s brand and create the desired level of connection with the consumer.

Finally, for a business focused on customization, the flexibility of the Excelagraphix 4800 is also a key benefit. “This machine gives you so much flexibility in changing a design. You load it in; you print it. That’s it. And it’s just so easy. We have never seen such a thing before, and we know it will lead to other business opportunities,” concludes Mr. Göttsche.

See it at FESPA

FESPA Global Print Expo is Europe’s largest exhibition for the wide-format print industry. This year, the exhibition includes the Digital Corrugated Experience, an experiential area showcasing the potential of digital print for corrugated packaging and display applications.

Editor’s Note:

Memjet and Xante are both scheduling appointments during FESPA. Editors interested in learning more about personalized packaging trends, inkjet technology or the notlikeyou case study can contact the following:

Marion Williams-Bennett
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+1 617 383 9677

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