April 24, 2023

SAN DIEGO — April 24, 2023 — Memjet has today announced the launch of a wide web monochrome printing solution called the DuraBolt PrintBar, plus the formation of a dedicated, direct-to-printer sales and integration service called Memjet Direct. These initiatives enable high-volume printers to create advanced industrial hybrid printing solutions at a lower price point than purchasing a complete inkjet press.

The DuraBolt PrintBar is a fully stitched, wide web print bar with the ability to print at over 960 feet per minute, while delivering Memjet’s hallmark 1600 dpi print quality. It is a ready-to-deploy print system that is easily mounted onto a web path and can deliver print widths of 12.75, 25.5 and 39 inches. The system includes a powerful Digital Front End with rapid processing to match fast press speeds. In addition, the DuraBolt PrintBar makes it possible for printers to easily customize their print systems via ModBus integration with various press systems and product extensions.

With Memjet Direct, printers deal directly with Memjet and are supported by a multidisciplinary team of engineers who can integrate DuraBolt into existing offset systems. The PrintBar has been designed to complement existing OEM press solutions and enhance printer offerings with the addition of wide web monochrome capabilities. This cost-effective solution is easily operated and maintained by non-expert print operators. True black plate replacement is a simple process and operators can generate variable print data across the entire width of their web. Through Memjet Direct, printers can enhance their production while maintaining the quality and cost-effectiveness of offset printing.

At the core of the DuraBolt PrintBar is a printhead based on Memjet’s Advanced Thermal Inkjet Technology. The 1600 dpi printheads feature 10 rows of nozzles firing 2.1 pL drops in patterns that are designed to minimize artifacts and maintain production. The DuraBolt PrintBar minimizes operator involvement, and features automated head wiping, capping and print gap positioning, along with digital print-on-page positioning.

Memjet’s Chief Technology Officer, Jason Thelander, explained that the DuraBolt PrintBar’s automated maintenance and support features create a unique value proposition. ‘DuraBolt helps our customers capture significant efficiency gains while reducing the need for highly trained technicians. The DuraBolt PrintBar delivers rapid start up and makeready times by eliminating the need to move print heads.’ Mr Thelander continued, ‘Operating an industrial inkjet system on an industrial printing press should be simple, so we have automated many critical operations to minimize the need for operator intervention.’

‘Memjet Direct is excited to work directly with the end customer,’ says Scott Desoto, Memjet’s Chief Revenue Officer. ‘Printers can access the DuraBolt PrintBar direct from the technology provider. We know its capabilities and believe the best way to deliver it to the production printing industry is through direct engagement.’  Mr. Desoto continued, ‘We have a strong OEM base that offers many creative products for the industry, and we believe our Memjet Direct DuraBolt PrintBar compliments those products.’

With the launch of the DuraBolt PrintBar and Memjet Direct, Memjet now reaches business customers from desktop through to light and heavy print production. The new DuraBolt solution line from Memjet will extend and complement Memjet’s existing printing system lines which include VersaPass, DuraFlex, and DuraLink.

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