Shield Technology on Expanding Markets with Inkjet

November 12, 2020

Memjet’s inkjet printhead technologies provide a solid foundation for OEM partners to develop printing solutions at a much lower cost and with less complication than other alternatives – and provide the speed, simplicity, profitability, and beautiful precision print providers need to succeed.

The markets and applications that are migrating to inkjet are now broader than ever. Memjet’s DuraLink technology was designed primarily to support the requirements of higher-production rated commercial and industrial systems, like those that Shield Technology recently launched.

We met with Mr. Wang Gang, General Manager of Shield Technology to get his input on the market evolution and how his company and Powered by Memjet print solutions will play a role in meeting the market needs.

Q: Tell us about Shield Technology.

A: Shield Technology is a leading supplier of digital inkjet printing solutions. We were established in 2004 in China and have over 15 years of industry experience.  We develop our own core technologies in-house including design, R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service. Our print solutions are widely used in the packaging industry and for security products, publications, cosmetics, and more.

Q: What trends do you see in the Chinese market this year and in the years ahead?

A: In the past, many Chinese printing companies would not consider digital printing due to its high investment cost and high running cost. However, Chinese digital printing systems are now meeting the print quality and production performance of imported systems and prices are much lower. We have already seen a big surge in demand from Chinese customers for our products.

Consumer needs are changing and so are the requirements for packaging. The market now has new demands such as faster time-to-market, greater number of short-run jobs, declining print run lengths, higher variety, personalization, and variable data. Digital printing technology will replace traditional offset printing as customers are required to meet the current market demands. Digital Printing will also be the next big thing in packaging.

Q: Tell us about your partnership with Memjet.

A: For our Print on Demand (POD) printing systems, we evaluated several inkjet solutions and ultimately concluded that Memjet has the most advanced technology in the market. Memjet treats us like a partner. Our R&D team is in constant communication with the Memjet support team to ensure that we can get the best out of our print solutions.

Q: What products did you launch at All in Print China 2020?

A: We launched our M680c which is a duplex color inkjet web press for the publishing market which we designed from the ground up. It includes Memjet’s DuraLink technology which features 1600 dpi print quality. This press supports a media width of up to 680mm and runs at up to 203 m/min.

In addition, we also launched the M440 which is a duplex mono inkjet web press developed primarily for the POD market. It also uses Memjet’s DuraLink technology.

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