The power of product packaging – going beyond the plain brown box

March 2, 2018

Product packaging influences at least one third of buying decisions – it’s the first impression potential buyers make during an in-store purchase. More importantly, product packaging weighs heavily in online purchasing habits, with consumers young and old sharing their unboxing experiences through social media for friends and brands to see.

So what does this mean for companies whose bread and butter is manufacturing brown boxes?

Having the ability to offer in-house corrugated package printing is a key competitive advantage for packaging manufacturers. Brands want the flexibility to customize product packaging and print their product labels, company logos, and seasonal graphics directly on the outside of their product packaging at an affordable cost. But how?

Packing, a manufacturer located in Argentina, faced the challenge of offering smaller quantities of customized package printing to their existing client base, without sacrificing high quality prints for efficiency.

Their solution: the Xante Excelgraphix 4800. With the Xante Excelagraphix 4800, Packing was able to bring custom corrugated package printing in-house, allowing them to offer custom printing to their existing customers, with no minimum quantity necessary. In addition, after their investment, Packing captured over 50 new clients and increased production by 100%.

To learn more about Packing, watch their case study video now. Or, if you prefer to watch in Spanish, click here.

With new consumer habits emerging daily, the way we shop (in-store and online) will continue to evolve. But even with online market places and automated grocery stores, our desire for powerful presentation will continue to prevail.

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