You’re Not Like Everyone Else – Why Should Your Packaging Be?

May 10, 2018

Memjet OEM partner Xante will be showcasing a customer story that is this, well, not like any other, at FESPA this year. It’s the story of a German shoe company called notlikeyou that is hand painting custom artwork on Chuck Taylors and Timberlands and then prints the same image on the shoe box to create a unique, customized packaging experience for their customers.

Thorsten Göttsche, leader of business development and procurement for notlikeyou, will be telling the story of how he used the Xante Excelagraphix printer to create an unboxing experience that’s as customized as the product it holds. Thorsten’s presentation will happen each day from 15:30-15:45 in the News  presentations at FESPA Digital Corrugated Experience.

Contact Memjet if you’d like to arrange your own demo at the Xante stand number 5.2-C20.

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