Giving Thanks this Holiday Season

November 25, 2020

By Sunil Gupta, Chairman and CEO of Memjet

2020 will be a year most of us will never forget. Though we are all impacted in different ways, the pandemic has touched each of our lives more deeply than ever before. The printing industry is no exception. The past eight months have been a roller coaster ride for a sector that was already in transition. Print providers of all types are adjusting their business plans to meet this shifting market. We are all hanging on, ready for the next turn on this wild ride. In such a tumultuous time, it is easy to lose sight of the good things that still surround us. That’s why this Thanksgiving 2020 is so important. It is a day to pause and remember that we still have many reasons to be grateful, even in times of crisis and uncertainty.

At Memjet, we are thankful for our resilient employees and how they pulled together to work as a cohesive team during a time of isolation. Collectively, we were able to move the company’s goals forward and support customers’ needs around the globe. In this turbulent, fast-changing market, we are also grateful for the flexibility of our OEM partners. As the pandemic impacted supply chains worldwide, our partners continued to persevere and develop Memjet-powered solutions that support this changing market. We are thankful to our supply chain partners for assisting us in weathering the storm and meeting our customers’ needs for products and supplies. We are especially grateful to our investor for believing in us. Finally, we appreciate the way the industry has come together during the pandemic. When in-person events and meetings were canceled, the industry rallied, creating supportive networking groups, online learning experiences, and virtual tradeshows. While nothing can replace the value of meeting in person, these online events ensured we could keep learning and stay connected.

All of us at Memjet wish you and your family a Thanksgiving full of gratefulness and hope.

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