Memjet Partners Show the Power of Packaging at PackExpo

September 26, 2017

At PackExpo, Memjet OEM partners will demonstrate solutions that give printers, manufacturers and fulfillment providers the ability to produce the high-quality, customized packaging that is increasingly in demand in today’s digital marketplace.

Memjet CMO Kevin Shimamoto, commented on the changing role of packaging. He says, “Because it is often the first physical contact a customer has with a company, packaging plays a critical role in creating a positive relationship with the customer. That’s why successful businesses ensure their packages go beyond a plain brown box and include customized elements such as logos, images, messages, ads and order details. Research has shown that packaging that includes this type of customization not only improves the perception of a brand but also keeps customers coming back for more business.”

To meet the demand that comes with the production of this type of packaging, printers, manufacturers, and packaging suppliers are increasingly using Memjet single-pass digital color inkjet solutions. These solutions print extremely fast, firing millions of drops of ink per second to produce exceptional quality at a low cost.

Whether manufacturers produce their own packages or use an inkjet-equipped packaging supplier, they need to buy only one style of corrugated box and customize it based on the customer, order, buying preferences, season or occasion — whatever will help foster a positive connection with their customers.

With these digital solutions, packaging can be printed on-demand for any run length, eliminating set-up, inventory, waste, scrap and other costly expenses associated with analog printing.

Experience the Inkjet Impact at PackExpo

At PackExpo, Memjet partners will be demonstrating solutions that enable printers, manufacturers and fulfillment providers to create the level of customized packaging that businesses demand.

Afinia Label (booth S-7836) develops quality products that make label printing and finishing easier and more dependable while providing a solid return on investment for its customers. At PackExpo, Afinia Label will showcase its variety of in-house professional and industrial label printing and finishing equipment.

Memjet partner TrojanLabel will be demonstrating products in booth C2731. The company will be highlighting the Trojan™3 overprinting system. This innovative solution produces high-quality, four-color printing directly onto materials with ink-receptive surfaces such as cardboard, postcards, boxes, paper bags and wooden planks or thicker objects such as blister envelopes or folded boxes ready for shipment. TrojanLabel will also be highlighting its Trojan™2 production digital label mini-press that offers numerous advantages for in-house labeling.

Also exhibiting is Memjet partner Colordyne Technologies (booth C-3407). This company is a leading manufacturer of efficient, high-resolution digital print solutions that provide on-demand label and tag color inkjet printers for a wide range of applications and industries. Representatives from Colordyne Technologies will discuss how the speed and cost effectiveness of these color printing platforms provide customers with new lines of business while gaining greater efficiencies in their operations.

Also at PackExpo will be Memjet partner RENA Systems, a Neopost brand (booth N-116). On display will be the Memjet-powered MACH 6. With a straight paper that accommodates 10”x13” envelopes, stuffed envelopes, corrugated and flat cartons up to ¼” thick, this solution lets providers expand their range of services.

Memjet partner K-PowerScience (booth S-8264) has a history of developing industrial high-speed digital printing technologies for continuous media. K-PowerScience will introduce a new roll-fed label inkjet printer.

Packaging Resources

Memjet has produced a case study about the positive effect customized packaging production has had for a fulfillment provider. Read more about this case study and find other packaging success stories and Memjet partners by visiting

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