Moving Forward with Purpose, Intent and Determination

December 15, 2020

By Oscar Ibarra, Senior Director of Product Marketing & Marketing Communications

As we approach the close of each year (and what a year this 2020 has been for us all), we reflect and get ready for the year ahead – and we are ALL ready for its arrival. But with a high degree of uncertainty still dominating the global environment, is 2021 really going to be any different? Is there a clear path forward? Where do we go from here? It’s time to ponder the possible answers to these questions for sure. This year the pandemic has challenged our entire existence and forced us to physically isolate from colleagues, customers, friends and even family often making it difficult to see purpose – that connection to something larger. We don’t yet have a complete picture with ongoing uncertainties and difficult questions still looming, but I am convinced that a way to bridge this gap is to embed our reflection, discovery, out-of-the-box discussions, and action into the purpose of our lives, our businesses and the organizations we support. I believe we can learn from this experience invaluable lessons, to recalibrate and make not only better decisions, but also the most authentic ones based on limited imperfect information, uncertainty, and urgency to enable a positive impact for everyone. Purpose is a key component of this recalibration process. As it turns out, companies or brands having a well-understood “Purpose” perpetuate a strong business benefit – in that consumers are four to six times more likely to buy from, trust, champion, and defend companies with a strong purpose, according to a recent global study by the award-winning integrated communications agency Zeno Group. In this new normal where consumers are isolated at home, a brand’s purpose and its physical connection with the consumer is more important than ever. This means that their brand must go beyond the traditional written corporate statements and be put into action. For example, what the brand stands for must be clearly incorporated within marketing collateral – including the product packaging as the brand’s packages has become a huge vehicle to highlight purpose, which is now a significant driver of connection and purchases. As a result of these ongoing global adjustments, inkjet printing technology is primed to enable brands and print providers to have better control over their marketing messages and where, when, and how many packages they have, avoiding wasted materials, which is good for the environment.

Positioned to Meet Challenges

Memjet has used its patents, R&D and engineering experience to create top-notch digital printing technologies like DuraLink® and DuraFlex® for OEM partners to integrate within their printing solutions to enable connection to purpose and efficiencies throughout the entire value chain. Memjet continues to focus on addressing the critical industry and market challenges to enable long-term growth and prosperity for all stakeholders including our investors, employees, OEM partners and their own clients. In fact, by assuring additional Powered by Memjet printing solutions for multiple applications including labels, corrugated, folding carton, flexible packaging, publishing, and more Memjet is ready to deliver on its’ own purpose by providing technology with the speed, ease of use, overall productivity, total-cost-of-ownership, and beautiful precision needed during the pandemic – and whatever comes next. In 2021, I encourage everyone to remain authentic and purposeful. Aim to be unrelenting in elevating and stimulating debates about uncomfortable truths and tensions as we clearly live in an uncertain time that calls for a new genuine way of expressing the symbiotic relationship between personal purpose, corporate purpose as well as personal and corporate performance.

What Can Memjet
Technology Do For You?

Whether you are an OEM looking to integrate Memjet technology into your printing solution, a print provider looking for the right Powered by Memjet product or a brand owner who wants to use digital inkjet printing technology in new and interesting ways, we can help.