Bringing New Possibilities to the Process of Carpet Labeling

January 4, 2018

At DOMOTEX 2018, textile manufacturers can experience a printing solution that transforms the production of textile labels for leading carpet manufacturers.

San Diego—January 4, 2018—Memjet ( announced today that its OEM partner Printing Innovation is collaborating with Turkish label provider Tuna Label to deliver printing solutions that give textile and carpet manufacturers a faster, more effective way to print colorful, quality labels for the carpets they produce. Tuna Label and Printing Innovation will be showcasing this innovative solution to the textile and carpet industry at DOMOTEX 2018, January  12–15, at the Deutsche Messe in Hannover, Germany.

The cooperation between Tuna Label and Printing Innovation spans both production and distribution. Tuna Label utilizes Printing Innovation’s iCUBE solution for its in-house digital label production. Tuna Label also distributes and supports iCUBE printers to carpet and textile manufacturers throughout the region. Giving textile manufacturers the capability to produce their own labels enables them to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce errors.

Digital Label Printing for Carpet Manufacturing

Turkey is the center of the carpet industry, and over 60 percent of the world’s carpet production originates there. For nearly forty years, Tuna Label has been supporting this thriving textile industry as the premier provider of labeling solutions.

From its operation in the Gaziantep region of Turkey, Tuna Label services more than 200 customers in different sectors at home and abroad. Today, the company’s label production has grown to a million pieces in the carpet label and four and a half million pieces in self-adhesive and film group labels.

Tuna Label sought a digital printing solution that would enable the company to expand its services and improve production of textile labels. After researching the latest technology and advancements, Tuna Label selected the iCUBE label printer from Printing Innovation.

“The advanced functionality, ease of use, and speed of the iCUBE label printer fit our need for on-demand color label production perfectly,” says Sercan Tuna, Sales and Marketing Manager at Tuna Label. “In 2016, we established a strong commercial relationship with Printing Innovation. Since then, we have used this printer in our own operation and distributed it to over carpet manufacturers in the region. We consistently see the positive impact in-house label printing makes on the operations of these carpet manufacturers. The iCUBE printer has transformed the way labels are produced for the carpet and textile sector in Turkey and the Middle East.”

Giving Printing Power to the Manufacturer

By incorporating an iCUBE printer into their operations, manufacturers no longer need to wait for a print service provider to produce the labels they need. Manufacturers are able to print as many labels as they require whenever they need them. Producing labels in their own buildings contributes to the acceleration of the production process.

“Thanks to the digital label production we do within our organization, we are able to print as many labels as we need without waiting for the labels to come from the print provider,” says Hasan Bedir, apparel director of Kartal Carpet and Trade Inc. “For example, under the old system, even though we needed only 30 labels, we had to order at least 250 labels. This was a financial burden, and it was causing the surplus label stock to increase. Thanks to the service Tuna Label provides, we are able to produce our labels and apply them to carpets quickly.”

Using the iCUBE label printing solution, carpet manufacturers make label printing and application part of the carpet production process. During the ready-made garment phase, the manufacturer prints the bar codes directly onto the label. This simplifies the process, eliminating the time and cost of producing separate barcode labels and storing separate consumables.

Moreover, because all the manufacturing details are printed directly on the label, manufacturers ensure that the correct product is shipped to the customer.

“We have integrated the Speedstar and iCube digital labeling machines into the garment department,” says Sami Daplan, managing director of Merinos Carpet and Trade Inc., who has been using the iCUBE printer for three years. “Printing the bar code onto the labels we produce for the carpet has never been easier. Thanks to this system, we removed the barcode label and ribbon costs from our expense items.

“Most importantly,” he continues, “under the old system, we ran the risk of sticking the wrong bar code label on the wrong carpet label. This caused huge mistakes in the shipping step. In the new system, this error has been reduced to zero, and therefore, possible disputes with our customers are now avoided.”

In addition to bar codes, the iCUBE printer enables carpet manufacturers to include colorful images such as carpet designs directly on the label.

Arif Ali Demir, general manager of Bayteks Carpet Inc., has also been using the iCUBE printer to produce labels in-house for over three years. “By integrating the digital carpet label machine into our SAP garment system,” says Demir, “we have eliminated the color mismatch between the labels and we are able to instantly produce labels that include visuals of the carpet. In addition, this new system has helped us to speed up production by producing our glossy paper and self-adhesive labels within our organization.”

The Digital Inkjet Technology behind This Success

The technology behind this labeling success is Memjet’s VersaPass page-wide digital color inkjet technology. These inkjet printheads fire millions of ink drops per second. Using printers that include these printheads, such as the iCUBE label printer, manufacturers can produce labels faster and at a higher level of quality than the thermal transfer, laser, or scanning inkjet technologies of the past.

Algon van Woensel, general sales manager at Printing Innovation, says, “The iCUBE label printer makes it easy to print colorful, quality labels with variable print information. The low capital cost, small footprint, and special print-to-cut feature ensure the ease of use of this solution are contributing to the growth of in-house label printing among carpet and textile manufacturers. We are proud of the work being done by Tuna Label and look forward to showcasing the power of these solutions at Domotex 2018.”


UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE is the theme at this year’s DOMOTEX event. This theme represents the powerful trend towards the individualization of products and services as the textile industry responds to the needs and wishes of their individual customers.

Editors are invited to meet with representatives from Tuna Label and Printing Innovation to discuss how these textile printing solutions are supporting this emerging trend. To schedule an appointment, email Marion Williams-Bennett of Create Communications.

About Printing Innovation

Printing Innovation, a brand of JG Special Products GMBH, is an innovative company focused on developing new technologies and products. From its headquarters in Elchesheim-Illingen, Germany, the company designs and builds printers and printing applications, including the Memjet-powered iCube 1, 2 and 3. These printing solutions are distributed by a network of global resellers and used by customers around the world.

Tuna Label

Tuna Etiket began its label printing operation in 1978. Since then, the company has grown to offer a range of services to meet the changing demands of their clients, including offset, letterpress, and litho label printing, digital printing, graphic design, and barcode and ribbon templates. Tuna Label is guided by the basic principles of providing the highest quality printing services for their clients while maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, stakeholders, and employees.

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