Digikett to showcase new mobile hybrid printing solution at Doxnet 2017

June 13, 2017

SAN DIEGO — Memjet announced today that German-based manufacturer Digikett GmbH has will showcase the Memjet-powered Digi-M-Jet hybrid inkjet color printing solution at the upcoming DOXNET Conference and Exhibition. The Digi-M-Jet is a revolutionary mobile, all-in-one, full-color inkjet print tower that can be physically moved from press to press. The mobility of the Digi-M-Jet enables commercial printers to easily retrofit their web or rotary offset and flexo presses and finishing solutions to offer duplex, full-color variable data printing.

Bill Brunone, general manager of the Memjet commercial business unit says, “The print market today is fiercely competitive. Once a printer gets a client, the company must proactively work to keep that customer satisfied and returning with more print jobs. That’s why the Digi-M-Jet is such a critical resource for today’s print operations. Combining the Digi-M-Jet with their existing equipment gives printers a cost-effective way to ensure they always have the right solution for the right job, regardless of the volume, color, or level of customization.”

The Digi-M-Jet is an inkjet printing solution that combines maximum flexibility with exceptional print quality and speed. It incudes five Memjet color print heads and can be used alone or connected to any current paper transport system, including a tension-feed or pin-feed web press. The quality produced by the Memjet printheads, combined with the flexibility of the Digi-M-Jet, gives users a wide range of possibilities for hybrid printing, which saves them time and money by utilizing existing paper transports.

Additionally, the Digi-M-Jet is modular. Utilizing two Digi-M-Jet print towers, users can print color high-speed inkjet in wide web or duplex and achieve a quality resolution of 1600 by 1375 dpi at speeds up to 102 m/min. By combining up to four Digi-M-Jet print towers, users can achieve capacities of up to 35,000 A4 pages per hour on a wide web with variable content and duplex capability.

A computer touchpad integrated directly into the machine drives the Digi-M-Jet, and no separate computer is needed. This all-in-one integration enables printers to simplify their operations and avoid any technical issues or mishaps that can happen with free-standing computers.

Mark Bracht, owner and managing director of Digikett GmbH says, “The new Digi-M-Jet is a universal tool for offset printers. It provides them with a fast, cost-effective solution that brings the benefits of full color inkjet printing to any flexo or offset press. Printers can maximize their investments in existing hardware, and they can open new lines of business by producing jobs traditionally suited for digital presses — including full-color variable printing jobs. This combination of opportunity and economy makes the Digi-M-Jet a vital resource for any printer today – and into the future.”

See the Digi-M-Jet at DOXNET 2017

Digikett will highlight the features of the Digi-M-Jet hybrid digital color printing solution DOXNET 2017. At the event, Digikett will host a presentation on the Digi-M-Jet. This presentation will be held: Monday June 19th @ 4.30 pm (Room 1)

Click here to see a video of the Digi-M-Jet in action, visit the Digikett website (www.rollendigitaldruck.de)

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