October 1, 2019

Memjet adds a longer-life printhead, enhanced printhead durability, and expanded color gamut to its second-generation, modular print technology

SAN DIEGO — Oct. 1, 2019 — Memjet today announces new enhancements to its second-generation printing technology called DuraLink. Based on feedback from current and future OEM partners, DuraLink XL enhancements include a more robust printhead, four times the printhead life and an expanded color gamut. These features augment DuraLink’s value as a vital printing technology that enables the rapid, cost-effective development of next-generation solutions in commercial, packaging and industrial printing markets.

“Since its introduction, dozens of OEMs from a variety of print markets have engaged with DuraLink technology,” said Eric Owen, general manager at Memjet. “As these partners enter into the lengthy development process, they provide valuable insight on how DuraLink meets their needs, and, more importantly, how we can make the technology even better.

Meeting the Growing Packaging Opportunity

“Nearly 60 percent of DuraLink’s OEM engagements are focused on packaging,” said Owen. “To meet the needs of this large customer base, Memjet integrated new color and durability features into DuraLink technology.”

Memjet has added orange, green and violet to DuraLink, creating a seven-color option for OEM partners who need it. This expanded color gamut means OEMs can create solutions that enable end users to accurately hit brand colors and produce more realistic images — capabilities that are critical in the growing food, fashion and packaged goods markets.

Further DuraLink enhancements improve print production in the corrugated market. When printing on corrugated, it is often difficult to position the media consistently under the printhead. This creates an irregular surface that tends to move during the printing process. While the media is being transported, it can often hit and damage the printhead.

To reduce the possibility of contact between the printhead and the substrate, DuraLink can now be positioned up to three-millimeters above the board. If there is contact, the nozzle plate of DuraLink’s proprietary hardened silicon surface is strike and damage resistant. This makes it difficult to damage to the nozzle plate and, due to the unique design, unlikely that the substrate will ever reach the printhead.

Robust Printhead Life

OEMs across all markets will benefit from the longer life of DuraLink printheads. Previously, the DuraLink printhead had a 50-litre head life. The enhanced DuraLink XL printhead is now four times that number, lasting for an average of 200 liters.

This longer printhead life provides lengthier uptime and improves efficiency for end-users. Unplanned downtime is virtually eliminated as end users can plan for printhead replacements to happen during normal maintenance or paper-roll changes.

These features are available to all DuraLink customers, regardless of where the customer is in the development process.  

“Memjet is an innovator, continually striving to make our products better. We also ensure that all customers have access to this innovation,” said Owen. “So whether a customer has already built their system, or has a system in development, they can still incorporate and leverage the new features of DuraLink.”

Editor’s note:

Eric Owen and Marc Johnson, director global product marketing, will be attending PRINT 19 and PRINTING United. If you are interested in an interview, contact Marion Williams-Bennett.

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