Memjet OEM Survey Reveals Desktop Label Production on the Rise

April 29, 2015

San Diego, CA – Desktop labeling devices are primed for unprecedented growth across a range of markets due to the availability of a new class of short-run, label printing alternatives and a growing demand for affordable short-run print-on-demand labels. This is according to a recent panel of OEMs conducted by Memjet, a leader in color inkjet technology. The panel included executives from Afinia Label, Astro Machine Corp., Colordyne Technologies, Printing Innovation, Trojan Label and VIPColor Technologies.

“The growth in personalization and target marketing is driving brand owners to change their packaging and labeling to better meet consumer demand,” said Andy Matter, vice president and general manager at Colordyne.

Han Tian Phua, general manager at VIP Color Technologies said, “Memjet offers faster color speed, better print quality and a lower cost-per-label for our customers.”

To better respond to the needs of their businesses, brand owners are turning away from pre-printed color labels from commercial print shops and printing labels on-site and on-demand with new color label inkjet printing systems that are fast as well as right-sized and cost optimized for short runs. In support of this, a recent Smithers Pira report “The Future of Printed Labels,” predicts that the market for inkjet digital labels is expected to grow over twenty percent by 2019. This is above the expected growth of approximately four percent for the global printed label market overall.

“With Memjet technology, the game is changing. Image and variable data printing is the new cost-saving solution that is not possible with thermal printing in one pass,” said Kai Gruber, managing director at Printing Innovation.

George Selak, president and CEO at Astro Machine Corp. said, “Color is a huge advantage to labeling and Flexo, Foil and other technologies are more expensive for short-run color labels.”

Key insights from the panel also included:

  • Food and beverage brands amplify reach with customized labels.  The panel’s OEMs revealed a trend toward rising label demands from specialty food and beverage providers, private branding, and local fresh food providers who produce in smaller batches and benefit from the efficiency of short runs and print on demand. The allure is in responding quickly to regulatory changes for food labeling as well as using customized color labels for improved branding and to enable more flexible marketing strategies. For example, brands can create small specialty batches of labels for a seasonal or event-centric campaign quickly and affordably.
  • The greatest market opportunity is in pharmaceuticals and adjacent personal care sectors. Mike Atkins, National Sales Manager at Afinia Labels, attributes this potential to the need to address a large number of SKUs efficiently without the hassle of storing and managing vast quantities of pre-printed labels. “The cost of operation and speed finally make it possible to print labels just-in-time for production environments,” said Mr. Atkins.
  • Regional potential is widespread. OEMs cited market growth in the US and Europe as remaining consistently strong. Other potential market expansion exists in developing regions such Asia Pacific and Latin America. OEMs agree that the value of short runs is applicable globally.

Memjet’s color printheads enable flexible, powerful and profitable color desktop label printing solutions. With blazing fast speeds and single pass printing, Memjet OEM’s equip their customers with cost-effective short-run label printing options that improve productivity versus outsourcing options and give businesses the flexibility they need to respond to their customers and their markets effectively. For more information on Memjet label OEM’s, please visit:

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