Memjet-Powered Label Printing Solutions to Be Highlighted at Labelexpo

September 21, 2017

San Diego — At Labelexpo Europe, Memjet OEM Partners will be showcasing the latest Memjet-powered, high-quality color label systems. These solutions, ranging from desktop printers to narrow-web press applications, enable the fast, on-demand production of color labels, giving manufacturers, printers, and brand owners greater flexibility and cost savings. Labelexpo takes place September 25–28, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.

Kim Beswick, General Manager of Desktop and Mini Press Systems at Memjet, said, “Changes in consumer behavior are creating both challenges and opportunities for today’s label providers. Increasingly, consumers are looking for products that provide an experience—whether it is choosing locally produced products or selecting products that have been personalized or customized to their specific tastes.

“Local and customized products are produced in much smaller quantities. So to capture these labeling opportunities, printers must move away from the production of high-volume, monolithic labels and find digital solutions that can support short-run, variable label production,” Ms. Beswick said.

At Labelexpo, Memjet partners will be demonstrating Memjet-powered solutions that give printers much greater flexibility in how they adapt to the short-run label opportunity. These partners will showcase solutions that let printers economically produce much smaller qualities on industrialized desktop and mini-press devices and by adding digital capabilities to a flexographic infrastructure.

Visitors can see demonstrations of these Memjet-powered labeling solutions in the stands of these OEM partners:

Ms. Beswick concluded, “Whether you are a veteran at printing colorful product labels digitally and are now searching for new capabilities, or you are looking to be inspired with new ideas about how to economically break into the digital market, Labelexpo—and these Memjet solutions—will inspire you to think creatively about new ways in which labels can move your business forward.”

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