Memjet Powers the Future of Label and Package Production at Labelexpo Europe

September 17, 2019

With its new printing technology and a large number of OEM partners exhibiting at Labelexpo, Memjet proves the value of inkjet in the production of high-quality, customized, affordable labels and packaging.

SAN DIEGO — Sept. 17, 2019 — Recognizing the expanding role digital printing is playing in the label and package printing markets, Memjet and its OEM partners head to Labelexpo Europe to highlight the latest developments in inkjet production. At the event, Memjet will be showcasing the features of its third-generation printing technology called DuraFlex. In addition, Memjet OEM partners will demonstrate an expanded range of Memjet-powered printing solutions that enable the fast, easy production of high-quality labels and packaging. Labelexpo Europe takes place September 24 – 27 in Brussels, Belgium.

“The market opportunity for inkjet label and package printers has never been stronger,” says Kim Beswick, general manager of Memjet’s benchtop and minipress division. “Localized food and beverage trends, combined with e-commerce business models, demand for mass versioning, and customization of marketing content means there is no end to the growth in demand for digital color labels and packaging.”

“To capitalize on this key labeling and packaging trend—and tap into this growing market—OEMs are researching how to either make the move to inkjet or to expand the number or capabilities of their current line of inkjet printers.”

Memjet technology gives OEM partners the resources and choices to create and deliver compelling new printing solutions to their customers.

DuraFlex — Creating a New Breed of Printing Solutions

DuraFlex is a modular single-pass print solution that combines Memjet’s signature features of speed, simplicity and affordability with new attributes such as enhanced durability, A4 and A3+ widths in a four-color printhead, a high-speed data path and modules that control all printhead functions.

For the first time in public, visitors to the Memjet booth (8C20) can see demonstrations of DuraFlex technology and hear discussion on OEM partner launches scheduled for 2020. Visitors will also have the opportunity to experience a growing array of OEM systems based on Memjet’s VersaPass and DuraLink technologies.

In addition, Memjet OEM partner AstroNova will also showcase a DuraFlex-based technology demonstration unit of its own in their booth (9C05).

“At AstroNova, we are keenly aware of the growing opportunities in digital label and package production,” said Mike Natalizia, chief technology officer at AstroNova. “We’re excited about the potential of the DuraFlex technology to further expand our leadership position in the onsite digital label printing market. This new technology offers a highly durable ink formulation combined with a wider A3+ printing width that will help us achieve that goal.”

Visitors to the Memjet stand can also learn more about how DuraFlex is being used in the recently announced FireJet4C solution from Kirk-Rudy and learn about the development plans of Memjet OEM partner Colordyne.

The Versatility of Memjet Technology

Building on its work with VersaPass and DuraLink technologies, Colordyne recently announced its partnership with Memjet to develop a new print engine using DuraFlex technology. At Labelexpo Europe, the range of solutions Colordyne has created using Memjet technology will be showcased in the stands of Kao APS (Booth 5E15), Bitek Technologies (Booth 9A51), Inkjet Solutions (Booth 9A24) and MPS Systems (11C20).

“We have a long and productive history with Memjet and its printing technology,” said Andy Matter, president of Colordyne Technologies. “The addition of DuraFlex builds on that success and supports us as we expand our partnerships and our product line. At Labelexpo, we will highlight the value these developments bring to digital label production.”

Other Memjet OEM partners will be showcasing an expanded range of label and packaging printing solutions and capabilities. These Memjet-powered solutions keep pace with demand for fast, affordable production of quality labels and packaging.

These partners include:

•      UPG (Booth 3E68)

•      Rigoli (Booth 4A14)

•      Lemorau (Booth 6A23)

•      VIP Color (Booth 8A07)

•      Printing Innovation (Booth 8A09)

•      Astro Machine Corp (Booth 8A28)

•      New Solution (Booth 8C52)

•      Afinia Label (Booth 9C55)

•      PCMC (Booth 11C36)

“Memjet is leading developments that will drive the future of digital label printing, concluded Beswick. “Rather than make large investments in costly, complex equipment, label providers are looking for more affordable, easier-to-use and powerful entry-level press systems with the speed and quality needed to capture market opportunities. Memjet technologies play a key role in helping partners develop this type of printing solutions and bring them to market faster and at less cost.”

Editor’s Note:

At Labelexpo Europe, Memjet will be hosting an event to discuss the launch of DuraFlex and the role it will play in creating solutions for the package and label market. This event will include presentations by Memjet executives and from Kirk-Rudy, the first OEM partner to develop a printer using DuraFlex.

This event will be held:

September 25, 2019
16:00 – 17:00
Memjet Stand 8C20

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