Memjet R&D Leaders to Share Insight on Modularity and Packaging During IMI Digital Print Week

February 4, 2019

Memjet announces that two of its research and development leaders have been selected to present at IMI Digital Print Week, taking place February 5-8 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Orlando, Florida. Digital Print Week is comprised of four different conferences:

  • The Inkjet Printing Conference,
  • The Digital Print Conference,
  • The Digital Manufacturing Conference, and
  • The Future Packaging Conference.

These conferences bring together inkjet industry leaders with senior executives and program managers to discuss present and future innovations critical to the adoption, growth, and expansion of inkjet printing applications.

“Memjet’s modular printing technology and ink formulations are creating affordable inkjet solutions with the speed and quality that has not been previously possible,” says Kevin Shimamoto, chief marketing officer at Memjet. “The R&D experts leading that innovation will be conducting presentations during IMI Digital Print Week. These presentations will discuss how Memjet inks and technology are giving OEMs the resources they need to speed up product development and bring affordable printers to market faster and at less cost.”

Memjet executives will be conducting the following two presentations during IMI Digital Print Week:

Advances in Ink and Coating Chemistry Create Opportunities in Inkjet Printing for Packaging

Kim Champion, vice president of inks and material at Memjet, will lead this presentation. Attendees of Ms. Champion’s presentation will learn:

Kim Champion, vice president of inks and material at Memjet, will lead this presentation. Attendees of Ms. Champion’s presentation will learn:

  • What Primers and OPV’s mean for digital printing and how they now meet the needs of folding carton and corrugated printing
  • The benefits of expanded gamut in the packaging market
  • How to meet the stringent packaging requirements for food packaging
  • How using a system’s approach enables builders to quickly develop solutions that meet demanding customer needs

This presentation is part of the Future Packaging Conference 2019 and will take place on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, at 1:30 p.m.

Case Study: The impact faster time to market has on OEMs developing inkjet solutions for demanding applications

Thomas Roetker, Memjet vice president of engineering, will lead this presentation. Attendees of Mr. Roetker’s presentation will learn:

  • How Memjet’s modularity, flexibility, and system’s approach are enabling OEMs to quickly develop printing solutions
  • Why new printing technology reduces the time to market needed for printing solutions
  • A case study on an OEM partner who developed an award-winning printing solution while cutting development time
  • A case study on using partnerships to adapt printing technology to multiple markets 
  • A case study on why creating strategic partnerships enables OEMs to quickly bring digital printing to new markets

This presentation is part of the Inkjet Printing Conference, which will take place on February 6, 2019 at 1:30 p.m.

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