Memjet Technology Drives Value in Industrial Printing Market

November 3, 2016

San Diego, California — Memjet ( today announces that Entrust Datacard, a leading provider of trusted identity and secure transaction technologies, has integrated Memjet’s inkjet technology into its Datacard® MX8100™, MX6100™ Card Issuance Systems and the Datacard® DX5100™ Card Delivery Systems. These central issuance systems are used by banks and credit unions around the globe to produce financial and ID cards. The partnership marks Memjet’s entrance into the growing field of industrial printing, and provides Entrust Datacard with the technology needed to bring the value of on-demand color labels and personalized communications into the card issuance process.

The Power of Inkjet in the Industrial Market
Customers in a variety of industries rely on Memjet-powered inkjet solutions to produce high-quality, color labels on demand. From small food and beverage manufacturers to large commercial printers, these customers have come to count on the flexibly, ease of use, and low cost of ownership that these solutions enable.

By forming a partnership with Entrust Datacard, Memjet now brings the benefits of inkjet to the industrial print market. Under this agreement, Entrust Datacard has integrated Memjet’s inkjet technology into its card issuance and card delivery systems. Financial institutions use the systems to produce and deliver highly-personalized financial cards and secure IDs – from card to envelope.

Kim Beswick, general manager of Memjet’s Desktop Division, said, “Memjet technology transformed commercial printing, and we’re now ready to bring our high speed, high-quality graphics to meet new demands in industrial printing. We’re off to a great start with Entrust Datacard. By combining Memjet technology with their innovative card-issuing platform, we’re creating a new breed of solution that can improve efficiency and output, while opening up new marketing and customer relationship opportunities. This partnership is just the start, as we look forward to creating more industrial printing solutions in the near future.”

Enhancing Customer Experience and Efficiency
To help banks and credit unions enhance customer experience and create greater efficiency in their operations, Entrust Datacard integrated Memjet’s inkjet technology to create the Color Label Printing Module for its MX6100 system, MX8100  system and the DX5100 system.

The Memjet-powered color label printing module allows customers to produce highly customized and variable printed labels for their cards. The color label printing module can also be used to create integrated card-to-envelope packages that include unique messaging, eye-catching designs, and customized mailing materials that include the cards, labels, and forms.

In addition to providing marketing opportunities, the Entrust Datacard™ color label printing module allows customers to reduce label inventories and streamline operations. Moreover, customers are able to reduce system stops and job changes related to label production.

“By integrating Memjet technology into our card issuance solutions, we are able to create a whole new paradigm in card personalization,” said Dan Good, vice president, bureau solutions for Entrust Datacard. “The speed, quality and flexibility of Memjet printheads enable us to provide our customers with more personalization options for all aspects of card mailing, including the most valuable piece of marketing real estate—the label.”


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