Memjet Announces Israeli Printer Hay Bazak Expands Portfolio To 5 Rigoli Vortex Wide Format Printers

March 29, 2017

SAN DIEGO — Today, Memjet ( announced the Israeli printing company Hay Bazak has acquired two additional Memjet-powered Rigoli Vortex 4200 wide-format printers. These new presses will supplement the three Rigoli Vortex presses currently in use at three Hay Bazak locations throughout Israel. The company continues to choose the Vortex 4200 for its ability to produce quality CAD drawings in a fast, cost-effective way that easily integrates into the company’s operations.

The Vortex 4200 wide-format printer can produce several print applications, including CAD, AEC, GIS, and point-of-sale graphics. At the core of this solution is the Memjet wide-format technology. The five Memjet printheads included in the printer can deliver fast, colorful, single-pass printing at 1600 dpi.

The acquisition of these new Vortex printers supports Hay Bazak’s recent history of steady growth. In 2013, the company purchased its first Memjet-powered Vortex printer to produce CAD drawings for customers. At that time, the company was printing 15,000 square meters of wide-format color prints per month.

By 2016, Hay Bazak acquired two more Vortex printers, and combined, the three printers were producing a total volume of 60,000 square meters of wide-format color prints per month. This growth has continued into 2017. To keep pace, Hay Bazak has now acquired two additional Vortex 4200 printers.

The company consistently chooses this printer because of its speed and quality. Omri Cohen Shauli, chief technology officer for Hay Bazak says, “We produce CAD drawings for architects, construction firms, and engineers. Any delay in receiving CAD drawings can cost these professionals thousands of dollars. With the Vortex 4200, we can successfully meet that challenge and deliver these drawings within hours.”

The Vortex 4200 also includes online folder finishing equipment. Automating this step of the process saves the company manpower, money and time.

Shauli added, “The Vortex printer has changed the way we operate. We can now print jobs 50 percent faster than before and easily meet customer requirements for speed.”

In addition to the speed, the quality of the Vortex printer enables Hay Bazak to keep pace with customer demands. Shauli says, “One job can be 150 meters long on a single sheet, so quality is critical. We researched our options and found that no other solution can produce the level of quality we can achieve with the Memjet-powered Vortex press.”

This combination of speed and quality has enabled Hay Bazak to grow its business and generate a positive return on its investment for each printer. The company estimates it only takes 18 months to achieve return on investment with each printer.

The Vortex 4200 has a small footprint and is easy to use, so Hay Bazak easily fits it into its three locations. “We could not have achieved these results without the support and guidance of our partners, Rigoli and Rave Israel, the manufacturer and seller of the press. Working with Rigoli and Rave Israel, we were able to seamlessly integrate these printers into our organization,” says Shauli.

“Our goal is to ensure Memjet inkjet technology produces the highest quality printing at the fastest speed and low cost of ownership. As we partner with Rigoli and Rave Israel to support Hay Bazak’s acquisition of multiple presses for their growing business, we know that our efforts are succeeding,” concludes Kevin Shimamoto, general manager, Wide Format at Memjet Technology.

Visit the Memjet website for more information on the Vortex 4200.


Rigoli s.r.l. is an innovative company that builds on the work of the well-known Rigoli FIME s.r.l.  Rigoli has a 70-year history in the printing and reproduction sector of large-format drawings; first with professional heliographic machines, and then with more advanced systems like online folders and scanners.

Rigoli FIME was a pioneer in Italy by bringing the KIP® digital technology for copying CAD and GIS drawings to the Italian market. Later on, the company was the first to distribute large format color scanners as repro and digitalization solutions. Rigoli s.r.l. continues the work of designing and producing new types of online and offline folders and cutter units for the Italian and international markets.

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