Memjet Breaks Industry Speed Record for Delivered Printed Resolution in the Production Inkjet Market

September 13, 2015

San Diego, California –  Memjet, the leader in color inkjet technology, today announced that Image Test Labs has independently recognized the company for driving the highest resolution in the production inkjet market without sacrificing speed. Verified by Image Test Labs, Memjet powers inkjet presses in a variety of industrial segments with resolution of 1600 x 1375 dpi at 275 feet per minute.

“Image Test Labs has tested hundreds of systems from nearly every manufacturer, and Memjet demonstrates the highest resolution ever seen in a production printing environment at this paper velocity,” said Henry Freedman, inventor of the Resometer, and founder of Image Test Labs. “Memjet’s higher resolution supports printing micro-type at 2 points and below while keeping the font type open, sharp and legible, which is unprecedented at such high speed, which marks a true milestone in production inkjet printing.”

Memjet OEMs target production-class users in the commercial, transpromotional, label and packaging segments. OEMs printing in this speed and resolution include: Beiren, Colordyne Technology, Delphax, IPT Digital, and Super Web Digital. Each Memjet printhead packs 70,400 nozzles into a silicon structure that delivers 1,600 dpi printed resolution to substrate quality that is more dense and cost-efficient than other leading inkjet integrated circuit designs.

“Since its inception, Memjet has re-envisioned digital inkjet printing to offer faster speeds at higher resolution while increased productivity through technology innovation,” said Len Lauer, CEO of Memjet. “With over 4,000 patents related to inkjet development, we are continuing to provide OEMs with the core technology to bring products to market faster that will achieve higher speeds, better quality and be applicable to a wider breadth of applications.”

For more information on Memjet and its technology, please visit or stop by booth #3443 at GRAPH EXPO 2015 or booth #S-7892 at Pack Expo 2015 Las Vegas.


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