Memjet Partners with Kao to Develop Pigment-Based Inks

September 5, 2017

Memjet ( has partnered with Kao Corporation to develop the pigment-based inks used in Memjet’s new DuraLink inkjet printing platform. This partnership brings together Memjet’s expertise in inkjet and ink formulation and Kao’s expertise in encapsulated pigment dispersion technology to create a highly stable ink that provides superior print quality and durability across a range of media. Memjet will be providing demonstrations of the new DuraLink printing platform and its pigment-based ink in booth number 3822 at PRINT 17, being held September 10 through 14 in Chicago.

DuraLink is Memjet’s groundbreaking new printing platform. It combines long-life printheads, pigment ink and flexible modules to give OEM partners a fast, easy way to develop solutions for high-volume commercial, packaging and industrial printing markets.

When developing the aqueous pigment inks to meet the demands of these markets, Memjet faced steep challenges: The ink would need to achieve water fastness and resistance to light fade and be compatible with a broad range of media. In addition, it would need to have a competitive gamut and image quality, fast dry time, high reliability and long life — all within the low-cost, and small drop-volume of the Memjet thermal inkjet printhead.

For over five years, Memjet and Kao worked together to develop the aqueous pigment inks that could meet these challenges. The companies used their collective expertise to create a highly stable, pigmented ink for use on plain, treated and inkjet-coated media. The custom design of the ink, combined with its highly controlled pigment dispersion manufacturing process, means the ink is extremely stable and produces excellent ink-on-media performance with DuraLink printheads in high-speed inkjet presses.

Kim Champion, vice president of ink and materials at Memjet, says, “By leveraging Memjet’s ink and printhead expertise with Kao’s in-depth knowledge of dispersion technology and ink formulation, we were able to create a high-performing and reliable ink set for DuraLink. In my experience, Memjet’s partnership with Kao has been one of the most collaborative and productive, and I look forward to continuing the alliance, which will no doubt lead to future technology advancements in ink for Memjet printheads.”

DuraLink aqueous pigment inks provide excellent image quality on a range of media from plain paper to media targeted for water-based pigments while also ensuring resistance to damage from rubbing, moisture and light. The inks also promote long ejection and installed life of DuraLink printheads.

For more information, visit or visit the Memjet booth (3822) at PRINT 17.


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